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Does a Cheaper Repair Job Mean It's Better?

When shopping around to have your car serviced, it can be easy to fall into a spiral of finding a shop that will get your car back on the road at minimal cost. After all, an alignment is an alignment, right?

While the cost at a dealership may be too much to swallow, smaller independent shops can also vary in cost. They vary for a lot of reasons: employee pay, parts procurement, rent/mortgage payments, insurance costs, and other various factors that a business must pay to remain operational.

When you shop around for pricing, the cheapest shop may be cutting corners like buying less reliable parts, paying less skilled technicians, or replacing fewer parts than other shops to do the same work. Some shops are even dishonest and say they replaced parts or fluids when they didn't!

MPA is dedicated to integrity and honesty when estimating and invoicing services. Our technicians have a combined 40 years of experience and our office staff will always talk you through why estimates cost what they do. We'll never charge you for a service that wasn't performed.

From our state-of-the-art equipment to our knowledgeable staff, we want you to know that while we may not be the cheapest shop you'll get work from, we will more than likely be the fairest.

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