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Spoiled Wife Jeep Build

Updated: Mar 24

The Spoiled Wife project was a fun one! We took this jeep to the next level with all sorts of new parts and paint! Our customer’s wife was very happy when she got her rig back and we were thrilled to do the customizing for her!

We started with the mechanicals, which included a new lift and other suspension parts! First, we tore it down to strip off everything that was not needed. Things like hubs, shocks, springs, track bars, rear 4 links, front lower & upper control arms, and the entire brake system.

After we stripped down all the unnecessary components, we started replacing them with a MOPAR Fox Lift Kit! We also added a few extra touches like adjustable 4 link for the rear end, adjustable track bars, and topped it off with adjust upper and lower front control arms.

Once we had most of the lift kit installed and front and rear axles back in the Jeep, we tore down the axle assemblies. Both axle assemblies received new rings and pinions along with the carriers and new shims.

After the internals of the axles, we also replaced the front hubs with new components that can hold the weight of the wheels and tires along with the added height with the new lift. Then we went on to the brake system, to replace worn parts and help the Jeep stop better when on or offroad. To help with gas mileage and sound we added a Metal Mulisha Exhaust System.

Once MPA Motorsports completed the mechanical work, we sent this awesome rig to the paint shop over at MPA Collision. We used House of Kolor’s Klassic Kolors Hot Pink Pearl to accent this ride. Like always, House of Kolor did not disappoint, and don’t forget the matte black American Flags on the quarter panel windows for the removable top.

Once the paint was finished drying on the wheel covers, hood, door handle inserts, and light bar brackets, we dressed it up! We replaced the old worn and tired hood with a sick functional cowl hood, replaced the fuel door, and painted it pink to match the hood. Finally, we finished off the paint with an Angry Eyes Grill to finish it off.

MPA Collision finished up the project with lighting and electrical. First, was the roof mounted light bar, that we tinted. Next came the 7” LED headlight and marker lights, and finished it off with LED tail lights. The last step before detailing the Jeep, was the SPOD switch panel and fuse panel for the new lighting.

Check out that finished Rig!

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